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Train in the Woods

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The Crew

The people here are people you will hear about quite often, they are the only people dumb enough to put up with me!

Rin- This wonderful girl is the Silent Bob to my Jay, she has known me for something like 9 years now! And the amazing thing is, she still likes me, imagine that. She may be the quieter and more responsible of the two, but for some reason that never stops either of us from getting into trouble together. Most people would figure that her, being the sensible one, would prevent me from getting into so much trouble, but oddly, she too gets caught up in my fancy words and so called genius plans. Go figure!
holyboy- Holyboy is 3 years older than us, and obviously, religous. He has enabled us to have wackier adventures on account of one thing: his car. Holyboy has been essential to some of our plans and I am sure we will be very appreciative of him in the future, I mean, who else will buy you taco bell 11 o'clock at night but him? But it doesn't stop there, holyboy has added a totally new dimension to our adventures, a third perspective, and a constant source of laughter: his fro.
L-Drums- L-Drums is somebody I have known for the past 3 years, she is fun, smart, and somewhat crazy like the rest of us. While L-Drum hasn't been on any of our wacky and wild adventures yet, I am sure she will sometime in the future.
Crickets- Crickets is an amusing person who we all love, he will go along with practically anything I propose to do. Sometimes this is good, but a lot of the time this turns out to be pretty bad, because I never make up good plans. I don't know if Crickets ever considers himself to be the cripple among us, and I certainly don't think he is, but if he ever were, he'd be my favorite cripple.
Ady- Trumping Rin, this cool gal has known me for a whopping 10 years. And while for the present moment she has abandoned most of the actual getting into trouble with Rin and I in favor for getting in trouble with Paco, her boyfriend, we still love you!!
Joebob- Joebob is one of the best friends a gal like me could ask for. Patient (for the most part), forgiving ( I need that), quick witted, and funny. For every episode I have, he is the person to cheer me up when I am down. He is the all important under-appreciated behind the scenes man. While you do not see him often playing important roles in the episodes themselves, if it wasn't for his moral support and sense of humor, I don't know where I would be in this sad, sad world.

Other important folks:
Red- I love you Red. Red is my long lasting buddy till the end. She has seen me laugh, cry, get sick, and vow for revenge. Red has seen it all, Red deals with me first thing in the morning, which calls for a lot of respect, I am uber contemplative in the wee hours of the morning, and very talkative.
Mel- Mel dealt with me in Pool class, gym class, and study hall. This called for a lot of patience, which I'll admit, Mel really doesn't posses. It doesnt matter though, she still loves me anyway.
Voices- Voices is my babe! We do everything from takling about which powdered sugar is better at Starbucks, to talking about why personal hygeine seems to turn me on so much. You rock my world voices!
Hart- Hart and I sat together in the back row of our bio classroom where we were ridiculed about our grades and behavior by our teacher the entire year. Hart is my lifeguard for life.
Rolly- Rolly is scary, he is my second stalker. He has a backpack on wheels, and is pretty terrifying with it. Needless to say, we didn't like Rolly too much.

At some point in time I will be adding stuff here, until then, you won't know what it is.

Well, as always, if there are questions or comments, you know where to find me.

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